Swim Team, Lessons, and Classes

Swim Lesson Information

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**Please note: Swim lesson registration is on-going and is FIRST COME, FIRST SERVE! A pool membership is required in order to register.**


Swim Lesson Level Information

1. Baby & Me – This class provides an opportunity for 2-3 year olds to spend time in the
water with mom or dad! A great way to get young children comfortable in the water and
have lots of fun! Offered only during Session II from 9:30 – 10:15am.
2. Beginner – This level focuses on water introduction. Children learn to become comfortable
in the water, put their face in, blow bubbles, as well as arm strokes and kicking. Ages 3+.
3. Advanced Beginner ONE – This level is for children who are comfortable swimming under
water. The level will focus on introducing freestyle and floating as well as exploring over
head water.
4. Advanced Beginner TWO – Children at this level can swim/tread water/doggy paddle
independently. The class will focus on fundamentals of freestyle as well as building
5. Intermediate – Swimmers concentrate on perfecting freestyle, enhancing endurance as
well as learning new strokes such as backstroke, breaststroke and diving.
6. Swimmer – Swimmers work on mechanics of strokes as well as building endurance.
7. Junior Lifesaving – This course will introduce life saving techniques and skills that will help
participants prepare for the lifeguarding course. This course is offered from 10-11am ONLY

during session II. Recommended for ages 13+.(Cost: $100)


Swim Team

2017 Swim Team registration form click here
The Clark Pool Swim Team is open to all swimmers ages 5—18. Swimmers must be able to swim one full lap across the pool without assistance in order to compete. The season will include meets, practices, a swim-a-thon fundraiser and an end of the season party. We like to have fun while improving our skills! Our coaches will work on stroke technique and endurance at our daily practices. We pride ourselves in being a fun, recreational summer league. Swim Team registration is on-going and is $30/child. Non-members may join for $50/child and may only access the facility during practices and home meets.
Practice Information
June 22nd—July 30th
10:15—11:00 ages 11 & older
11:00—11:45 ages 10 & younger*All meets will have a 5:30 warm-up and 6:00p start time.


Aqua ZUMBA Class