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Special Needs Registry

  1. Clark Police Department-Special Needs Registry

    The Clark Police Department Special Needs Registry is a voluntary service open to all citizens with disabilities or specialized medical needs or equipment who reside, attend school, or are employed in Clark. The registry was created to help police officers and other emergency personnel, better assist residents with special needs in the event of an emergency by providing those first responders with vital information regarding a registrant's disability, emergency contact information, physical description, and current photograph.

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  4. Special Needs
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    I acknowledge that by checking the box below that the information being provided is truthful, current and valid and that I am authorized to submit it on my own behalf or as the legal guardian with authority to submit it on behalf of another. I further understand that by enrolling myself or someone else in the Clark Police Department Special Needs Registry that the personal information entered may be used by emergency personnel, including, but not limited to, law enforcement officers, emergency medical services, and fire department personnel in the event of a personal emergency or other emergency situation. I acknowledge that it will be my responsibility to keep the information on the registry up to date. It is further understood that completion of this form and participation in the Clark Police Department Special Needs Registry is voluntary and cannot guarantee and is not intended to convey and warrant, either express or implied, as to outcomes, promises, or benefits from the use of this form and participation in this program. Use of the Clark Police Department Special Needs Registry constitutes acknowledgment and acceptance of these limitations and disclaimers. 

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