Sewer Utility

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The Sewer Utility rate for residential properties is billed at a minimum of $280 for the first 100,000 gallons of water utilized.  The current sewer bill is calculated based on the usage for the months of November (of the prior winter) through April. This amount is then doubled to annualize the water used for the year. It is done this way to avoid the months when residents generally utilize more water for activities such as watering lawns, filling pools, washing cars, etc.

Any excess annual water usage above 100,000 gallons is billed at $.025 per gallon.  For example, if the actual usage is 115,000 gallons the bill will be calculate as follows:

$280. (100K gallons) + $375. (15K overage x .025) = $655.00 total bill for 115K gallons

*Water usage over 400,000 gallons is billed $7,780 for the first 400,000 gallons and .02685 per gallon in excess of 400,000 gallons.

Sewer bills are mailed once a year in February and contain two biannual payment stubs. Residents are welcome to pay the entire bill by March 15 if desired to avoid forgetting or misplacing the second one and accumulating late fees.  Taxes are due on: 

  • March 15
  • September 15

If a property owner does not have a sewer bill, use the tax payment site here to  find out the exact amount owed.  Failure to receive a bill does not exempt a taxpayer from paying sewer bills or interest that may be due, NJSA 54:4-64.  

Property owners that do not live at the address of the owned property and wish to have sewer bills sent to another location can complete the Change of Billing Address Request for the Tax Collector.