Sewer Utility

Sewer Bill Information

The Sewer Utility rates will remain the same in 2022. Residential properties will be billed a minimum of $280 for the first 100,000 Gallons of water utilized. The water billing months are November through April (of prior year). This amount is doubled to annualize the water used for the year. It is done this way to avoid the months that you usually utilize more water for such activities as watering lawns, filling pools, washing cars, etc.

Please see this IMPORTANT Notice about COVID-19 RATEPAYER RELIEF Measures

Senior Citizen Discount

Senior Citizens who are entitled to a Senior Citizen Property Tax Deduction, in accordance with NJSA 54:4-8.44, shall continue to receive a discount of $140 from the sewer bill.

State Costs

Your Mayor and Council continually serve as your watchdog to bring you the services you seek at the most reasonable costs available. Even in these tough economic times, the loss of State Aid and the mandatory State costs we have to incur in developing our budget, we have not eliminated any services that you have been given.

Thank you for your continued support.

2023 Application for Sewer Bill Adjustment

2022 Application for Sewer BIll Adjustment 

How to Calculate Your Sewer Bill

Please print these instructions to determine how your sewer bill was calculated. There are also two examples at the end of the instructions that may be helpful.


The water company bills some customers in cubic feet "ccf" and some customers in gallons. If you’re billed in "ccf" you must first convert to gallons by multiplying "ccf" by 748. If you’re billed in gallons, you do not have to do the conversion.

  1. Look at each of your water bills designated in the worksheet (November PY to through April CY). Fill in either the total cubic feet (ccf) or the total gallons for each month. 
  2. Add the numbers up and put the answer on the total line. If the total is the cubic feet (ccf), multiply the total x748 to get the correct number of gallons. If the total is in gallons you can skip this step.
  3. Multiply the total gallons x2 to get the annual water usage and place answer on line A.
  4. If the total gallons (line A) are less than 100,000, your sewer bill is $280 (the minimum) and you’re done with your calculations.
  5. If the total gallons (line A) are more than 100,000 but less than 400,000, you must subtract 100-000-from the total number of gallons and place this answer on line C.
  6. Multiply the number on line C x.025 to get the correct overage amount.
  7. Add this total to minimum of $280 to get the correct sewer calculation

Total X 748
Annualize usage (Multiply gallons by 2) A
Less than 100,000, sewer bill is $280
If total over 100,000, but less than 400,000 B 100,000 $280 (minimum)
Subtract 100-000-from total gallons C X .025 (overage)
Total Sewer Bill (B+C)

*Water users over 400,000 gallons are billed $7,780 for the first 400,000 gallons and .02685 per gallon in excess of 400,000 gallons.


Example 1 (usage in cubic feet (CCF), less than 100,000 gallons.

Example 2 (usage in gallons, more than 100,000 gallons.