Body Cameras

body cam shot 2022Body Cameras

All uniformed patrol officers and field supervisors within the Clark Police Department are equipped with body worn cameras. The acquisition and deployment of these devices was part of a county-wide initiative of the Union County Prosecutor In an effort to equip every Union County police department with body worn cameras.


The Axon 3 body worn camera will be worn attached to the upper chest area of each officer's outermost uniform garment. It is used in conjunction with the Axon Fleet 3 mobile video recording system (installed in Summer of 2022). 

Memorialize Important Information

Body worn cameras observe and record important information during critical incidents and events. Officers are required to activate their body worn cameras when conducting enforcement and investigative actions, such as when making an arrest, issuing a summons, conducting a search or stopping a person on the street in the course of an investigation.

Training & Utilizations

All uniformed patrol officers and field supervisors have received training related to the operation of these devices. They will be utilized in accordance with New Jersey Attorney General Law Enforcement Directive Number 2022-1 and Clark Police Department Policies and Procedures Body Worn Cameras/Mobile Video Recorders Volume 5 Chapter 24.

Our Commitment

The Clark Police Department is fully committed to providing the highest level of service to the Township of Clark and every person with whom there is interaction. The acquisition and deployment of body worn cameras demonstrate not only a commitment to the people it serves but also to the officers it employs, as they serve their community.

Photographs of Camera

The  above photograph depicts what the Axon 3 body worn camera looks like and how it will be worn by the uniformed patrol officers and supervisors. Its placement may vary slightly by officer.