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The Clark Police Department offers various professional courtesies to residents and business owners as part of their routine services.  

Letter of Good Conduct

Members of the community can request a "Letter of Good Conduct" from the Clark Police.  The document certifies that an individual has no local criminal charges on their record. Complete the Letter of Good Conduct form and submit to police headquarters.

Safety Check

Members of the Clark Police Department will perform a courtesy residential or business security survey.  The survey is designed to offer suggestions to those interested,  about how to protect their property from outside threats.   Call 732-388-3434 for more information.

Vacant House Notification

Homeowners leaving a dwelling vacant for a time period can request the Clark Police perform a security check of their residence while they are away.  Simple complete the Vacant House Form and drop it off the Clark Police Department.  

Alarm Registration

Businesses and Homeowners are advised to register their alarm systems with the Clark Police in the event the device activates while owners are away from the facility. The forms allows property owners to designate emergency contacts in their absence. Complete the appropriate form below and drop it off at the Clark Police Department. 

Business Alarm Registration

Residential Alarm Registration

Other Business Services:

Newspaper Vending Machines and News Racks

Interested parties may complete an online application to request permission to place a newspaper vending machine or news rack in the Township.

Complete Application Here

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