Special Needs Registry

The Clark Police and other emergency responders in the Township provide families of those residents with special needs and specialized medical needs or equipment the opportunity to register with the department to ensure first responders are aware of special circumstances when responding.

Complete this form to register any special needs individual.

For Individuals with Special Needs:  

Residents with developmental disabilities, autism, dementia or any condition that would make it difficult to communicate with officers can be registered with the department.  Doing so allows responders to know what to expect and whom to contact in times of need.

For residents with autism spectrum disorders, please read about the Blue Envelope Program the Clark PD and many other Union County Police Departments participate in to help motorist with special needs.

Residents With Specialized Medical Needs or Equipment:

Residents with any special medical equipment in use in a home that may require attention during times of severe weather and power outages can register with the Clark Police.   This allows first responders to have access to all the information they might need when responding to an emergency.

How to Register a Family Member or Equipment:

Interested family members or individuals are asked to complete the highlighted registration above for use by first-responders.  All information will be kept on file at Police Headquarters and made accessible to personnel responding to the scene.

In cases where an individual may not be able to tell officers where he or she lives or is reported missing, police can consult records and photographs submitted with these forms to enable a quick reunion.

This program is completely voluntary, and all information is kept confidential.  

Police photo